Urban Principles Zine goes to COP26!

Last spring I worked with the UK Urban Ecology Forum to develop a craftivist inspired publication to communicate 6 simple yet strong steps that can help make the urban fabric an extraordinary place for people and nature – while avoiding the usual jargon associated with urban planning. The zine was created by a working group of artists, academics, communicators and urban experts with the aim of inspiring people to actively ‘green’ their urban areas from the bottom up.

The zine will be personally handed out at COP26 by the incredible students at St. Vincent’s School, a specialist school for sensory impairment in Merseyside, who will deliver the zines in true craftivist spirit by hand, to the heart of the proceedings.

The working group consisted of myself, Abigail Garbett, Danielle MacCarthy, PhD candidate at Queen’s University, David Haley, independent artist and visiting professor at Zhongyuan University of Technology, Richard Scott, director of the National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project, Joanne Tippett, lecturer at the University of Manchester and Tim Webb, communications consultant. We are grateful for the support and constructive feedback we received from the UK Urban Ecology Forum during the development process and to St. Vincent’s School for helping to spread the message further. The artwork was specially created by me.

If you would like your own copy, you can download and print out the zine below. It can be printed on A4 or A3 paper and simply folded by following the instructions listed here.

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