A home for all

A home for all is my submission for Loving Earth Project, an initiative which celebrates the people, places and creatures we love which are threatened by the environmental breakdown. The project invites people of all ages to creatively explore the following questions and illustrate them through a 30x30cm textile panel.

  • Is there something, someone or somewhere that you know and love which is endangered by environmental break-down?
  • How does your lifestyle contribute to that threat?
  • What could you do, or are you doing, to help reduce that threat?

I used fabrics which I had at home to create a panel about hedgehogs in my neighbourhood.

Why hedgehogs?

I love all types of local wildlife but especially the Western European Hedgehog. I love their curiosity, sense of purpose and earthiness. I love their beady eyes and how they move about, wriggling, scuffling and rooting around in the grass and hedgerows.

Unfortunately modern Western-European lifestyles threaten hedgehog populations from many different angles. Changes in farming practices and urbanisation have shrunk their habitat, pesticide use has reduced their food sources and can also poison them directly, while busy roads, dogs and (most recently) electric lawnmowers pose a life-threatening risk for hedgehogs.

A home for all

The world should be a safe and supportive home for all forms of life. Like every creature, hedgehogs have an important role to play in local ecosystems and are seen as an indicator species for a healthy environment. When hedgehogs thrive and flourish, it is likely other species will do the same.

To support hedgehogs in my local area, I have set up a hedgehog home outside my apartment building and leave out food and water during dry summer weather. I have also engaged in conversations with garden management about protecting their habitat and hope to continue in the future.

Get involved

If you would like to create your own textile panel, you can find lots of great resources including instructions and a guided meditation on the Loving Earth website.


Coles, Jeremy (2015) Living in Harmony with Hedgehogs. BBC. Available here.
Author unknown (ND) The Hedgehog. The Wildlife Information Centre. Available here.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “A home for all”

  1. Thank you, Abigail. We sometimes have a hedgehog pottering about our open front grass. But it’s sadly unusual. Adapting to changes is sometimes necessary, but humans are quite resistant to any change – our form of survival mode, I guess. But we seem to think we need such an extraordinary amount of basically unnecessary things to survive! Flexibility is required!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Margaret for your wonderful comment. I also only seldom see hedgehogs where I live but they always bring such joy.


  2. Hello Abigail

    Lovely to hear about your love for and care of hedgehogs. Thank you for sharing it,

    is there a photo of your panel too? or did I miss it? or is it the amazing photo like image at the end?


    Maureen x

    > WordPress.com


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