Not too much and not too little

For the last chapter of the Climate Journey we moved to Wroclaw, Poland where we met up with participants from Journey 6. The first half of the week was spent finalising our business plans and pitching our start-up ideas on stage at Wrocław University.

Myself and Lennart pitched our project on behalf of our team Mondo Lagom. There was a huge amount of support for every team and despite feeling nervous, it was great to present an idea we all felt so passionate about. At the end of the day we were very happy to receive prizes for the Best Pitch and the Audience Award.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-01 at 15.00.35

Our start-up Mondo Lagom is a tent renting service focused on festivals. During the journey we developed our unique tent design alongside an affordable and convenient service model. Our design allows for communal group camping, optimises land use and is made from 80% recycled materials.


The name Mondo Lagom sums up our teams philosophy. It is a combination of Mondo, meaning clean without additives in Spanish and Lagom, which translates from Swedish as in balance or just the right amount. Our business idea is grounded on these principles and as a result our design aims to work within nature limits while enabling people to still enjoy themselves during festivals. After receiving so much positive feedback from our peers and the jury we are now considering the next steps to develop this idea further.

Overall, taking part in the Climate-KIC Journey has been an incredibly positive experience. There was a strong community feeling within our group with many opportunities for peer-to-peer learning. We have come along way together and it was really hard to say goodbye!


1 thought on “Not too much and not too little”

  1. Amazing Abigail, look forward to hear how the next steps go, such an important issue to do something about…


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