And then the Queen died of grief

The fourth week of the Climate-KIC Journey was spent refining the story behind our business plan. We received pitch training from communications experts, Guido Evereat and Javier Pagán and began developing the content and delivery of our final report and presentation.

Among other things we learnt about the importance of using empathy and emotion in our pitches. Guido illustrated this by comparing the following two sentences;

  • The King died and then the Queen died.
  • The King died and then the Queen died of grief.

By adding just one word of emotion, the second sentence is transformed from a factual statement into a potential narrative which helps to hook the audience’s attention.

In teams we began to build the narrative of our own business plans. Below is the beginnings of the Mondo Lagom story.

We love festivals for their music, community, food and fun – a love that is shared with around 4 million people in the UK who attend these events every year. However, there is a dark side of extreme consumption and irresponsible waste generation that concerns us greatly.

The aftermath of Roskilde Festival 2018

Beautiful green camping areas are transformed into ‘wastelands’ blighted with abandoned camping equipment and rubbish by the end of these events. According to comp-a-tent, 44% of all tents brought to festivals are abandoned which equates to more than 18,500 tents in one festival alone. This is due to multiple reasons, which include breakage, dirt and the inconvenience of bringing tents home- a problem that is exacerbated by the flood of cheap and poor quality tents on the market.

Tents leftover from Roskilde Festival 2018

Mondo Lagom aims to reduce the amount of tents discarded at the end of festivals through the provision of a convenient and sustainable alternative. Our team aims to tackle the Climate-KIC challenge area, Sustainable Production Systems through the mitigation of unnecessary waste and by enabling behaviour change towards a zero waste economy.

Come back next week to learn more about our solution!


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