Preparations for the 2018 Climate-KIC Journey

Climate-KIC is the European Union’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change. The initiative brings together academic, business and public partners to tackle climate change through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Their mission is to empower and inspire a diverse community to build a zero-carbon economy.

One of the steps they have taken to achieve this, is via the Climate-KIC Journey: a summer school which combines climate knowledge and hands-on business experience.

The Journey summer school provides participants with climate change knowledge combined with entrepreneurship skills, to create a business model which will help our environment.

This summer there are a several journeys taking place across Europe involving over 400 participants from all over the world. I have been selected to take part in Journey 5 and will be traveling to Lisbon, Valencia and Wroclaw.

Together we will learn about climate change adaption and mitigation strategies and form groups around specific themes. In these smaller groups we will work on a sustainable business plan in our area of interest to present at the end of the Journey.

In preparation for the start of the Journey I would like to share our first assignment: to create a simple poster to explain who we are by answering the following questions. See my answers below (or on the poster above).

What inspires you to tackle climate change?

I have always been inspired by the view from my childhood bedroom window. At this time of year, I can see the rolling Slad Valley in a sea of every shade of green imaginable. Every time I return to this view I am amazed by the vitality and life within. The beauty of nature and the desire to protect it inspires me most to tackle climate change.

What are you proud of?

One thing I am proud of is my part in setting up a DIY community make and repair space last year. The project, called Remakery Frome was the first time I had been involved in a social enterprise. Today it is used for a range of community projects including hosting the Mens Shed (and recently the Women’s Shed!), craft classes and repair cafes.

How are you trying to live more sustainably?

There are many small ways I try to live more sustainably, these include: cycling to school, repairing and caring for my clothes and belongings, following a vegetarian diet and shopping ethically where possible.

What can we learn from you?

Visual problem solving

If things had turned out differently you might have been……?

At 18 I was deliberating between becoming a philosopher or a fashion designer. In the end I decided I could be designer first and a philosopher later.

What one thing might show you as different from everyone else?

My background in fashion design

A moral you live your life by?

I try live by the phrase ‘Let your life speak’ from Quaker Advice and Queries.

A quote that you love or that inspires you?

‘Do small things with great love’ Mother Teresa

Tell us something interesting about your work experience so far.

In 2016-17 I worked for Antiform, a bristol based design studio making clothes from reclaimed materials and utilising zero-waste pattern cutting methods.

If you are interested in learning more about the Climate-KIC and the journey, please follow my blog! I am planning to keep it up to date during the coming weeks.

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