Urban Principles Zine goes to COP26!

Last spring I worked with the UK Urban Ecology Forum to develop a craftivist inspired publication to communicate 6 simple yet strong steps that can help make the urban fabric an extraordinary place for people and nature - while avoiding the usual jargon associated with urban planning. The zine was created by a working group… Continue reading Urban Principles Zine goes to COP26!

Gränby Park

For me, like others who are fortunate enough to have unrestricted movement, one of the few positive outcomes of living in the midst of a global pandemic has been having more time to spend in nature. Last spring I began a series of daily walks around my local park which culminated in ‘Gränby Park’ an artistic project which I submitted as part of the 'Perspectives on Climate: Ecopsychology, Art and Narratives' course at CEMUS, Uppsala University. In this blogpost I write about the inspiration behind the piece and reflect on walking as way of connecting to nature.

Reflections on Quaker United Nations Summer School 2019

For the past two weeks I have spent time in the company of 25 incredible young people, learning more about Quaker work at the international level and witnessing the United Nations in action at the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in Geneva. The experience provided overwhelming moments, inspiration and joy as difficult topics were explored and friendships developed.

Plant-based eating, an issue of gender?

Reducing animal-based consumption is a step each one of us can take to lower our environmental impact. Yet why is the uptake of plant-based eating so gender-biased? This post looks at the motivators and barriers facing men when reducing their consumption of animal-based products.